CBC1 Series Dual Row Female Header

• Rated Current and Voltage : 1.5A 250V AC (r.m.s)
• Dielectric strength: 600V AC for one minute
• Contact Resistance : <20mΩ
• Insulation Resistance : >1000MΩ
• Operating Temperature : -55℃ ~ 125℃
• RoHS Compliant

Availability: Estimated delivery time 2-3 weeks


Additional Info

Additional Info

Circuits With keys : 10,20,30~60 AND Without keys : 06 ~ 60 CIRCUTS
Plating Code 2= Gold Flash Plated over 50μ” Nickel 3= 15μ” Gold Plated over 50μ” Nickel 4= 30μ” Gold Plated over 50μ” Nickel Download General Plating PDF
Product Drawings Download CBC106S
Specification Download SPCB007
Catalog-page Download P234 CBC1-1
Test Report Download Test Report
Location CED

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