Stocko Contact


  • -Blade receptacles, ring lugs, fork shoes and round receptacles in i chain- and loose form.
  • -Rast 5 connector, Rast 2,5 connector and Rast 2,5 PRO.
  • -Connector wire for PCB, in crimp and IDC from pitch 2.0mm to 11.88mm
  • -MCC card holders, Smart Card holder, PCMCIA modul.
  • -FFC/FPC connector 1,0 mm and 1,27 mm pitch.




-Moisture-tight connectors in plastic / metal, IP67-rated.

  • -Wire for connectors in plastic / metal, IP 67-rated.
  • -Wire for PCB-connector in plastic, IP 67-rated.



Vogt AG

  • -Punched details in chain and loose form.
  • -Insulated / non-insulated end sleeves on chain and loose form.
  • -Insulated / non-insulated cable shoes in loose form
  • -Customer specific punched details in chain and loose form.



CviLux Corporation

  • -FFC cable and FFC/FPC connectors from 0.5mm to 2.54mm pitch.
  • -Connector wire to PCB and wire to wire crimping from 1.25mm to 10.00mm pitch.
  • -PLCC-sockets, MMC/SD card holder.
  • -I/O connector type D-sub, Mini Din-connectors, USB/IEEE1394 connectors och modular connectors.




  • -Wide range of heat shrink tubing, with and without glue.
  • -Marked / cut heat shrink tubing




  • -FFC/FPC-connectors from 0,3 mm to 1,00 mm pitch.
  • -Connector wire for PCB och wire to wire, IDC and crimping. Pitch 0,8 mm to 7,62 mm.
  • -PC-Card/CF, sockets and ejectors.




  • -FFC/FPC-connectors from 0,3 mm to 1,00 mm pitch.
  • -M8, Connectors.
  • -M12, Connectors.
  • -M8/M12 Distribution box.



JVE Global

  • -Pin and socket in 1.27mm to 2.54mm pitch.
  • -Hole mounted and SMT.
  • -Board to board connectors from 1.27mm to 2.00mm pitch.
  • -Customer specified pin strips.



Sherwood Connector

  • -Modular connetors, RJ-11/45, jack and plug. Shielded and unshielded.
  • -Tele or data applications => Cat5 to Cat6.
  • -Hole mounted och SMT.
  • -Filtered connectors with and without LED's
  • -Multiports-connectors.



CS Colombo Sergio & Figli

  • -Insulation housing for receptacles and tabs.




  • -Insulation housing for receptacles and tabs.



Production and Test Equipment


  • -Crimping equipment.
  • -Applicators for crimping of all manufacturing connectors wiring or loose form.
  • -Peripheral; integrated stripping units, crimp force monitoring and quality assurance equipment



Zoller + Frölich

  • -Hand tools for cut, strip and crimping.
  • -Bench equipment for stripping wires.
  • -Strip / Crimp equipment for terminals, Stripper/krimperutrustningar för terminaler, ferrules och solid pins.
  • -Equipment for integrating in automaticsystems.




  • -Production facilities for the electronics industry.
  • -Crimp tools with pneumatic air pressure



Tekuwa GmbH

  • -Equipment for measuring / cutting material - cable, wire, tubing and textiles.
  • -Unrolling and pre-feeding equipment, facility systems



Mav Prüftechnik

  • -Push and pull testers.
  • -Test stations elongation, kompression-, bending and break tests.
  • -Digital force measuring devices - horizontal / vertical, manually or motorized.
  • -Gripper, testfixurer and software.



Ulmer GmbH

  • -Equipment for measuring / cutting material - cable, wire, tubing, textiles etc.
  • -Marking equipment for cable / shrink tubing mm.
  • -Pre-feeding / unroll, winders- and delivery systems.



Stocko Contact

  • -Contacting equipment and hand tools Crimp terminals; solutions and strips and female connector.



Vogt AG

  • -Hand Tools
  • -Press equipment for terminals in loose form or chain.
  • -Applicators for hole punched parts in the circuit board.




  • -The equipment for the process of shrink tubing.
  • -Heat guns to shrink tunnel systems.