About us

For over 35 years we have consciously pursued a strategy of continual development within the fields of electrical connectors and equipment for cable production. Our experience has rewarded us with an invaluable insight into how we can contribute towards the efficiency of our clients’ production processes. Irrespective of our clients’ existing machinery and component suppliers, we provide active support within construction and production matters. Our commitment extends even to logistics solutions for ‘indesigned’ components and quality assured implementation of production solutions. Our core focus areas are concentrated within three key market segments; white goods, heavy vehicles industry and electronics. This focus enables us to analyze and evaluate a component selection and production process from various perspectives; which plays a significant role in determining if the product shall be produced in Sweden or abroad. Aligning our own goals with the high expectations and demands of our clients is realized via offering the most cost-effective processes within the fields of construction and production. This is further consolidated by co-operating exclusively with market leading producers spanning the entire globe. These producers furthermore share our commitment towards the continual development and enhancement of new components and production solutions. Cable- producers’ demands for technical support availability is assured by a highly competent service organization with over 20 years experience. We endeavor to use standard components even in complicated processes, thus supporting and simplifying further product development and production solutions. This translates to enhanced ease of handling, margins and cost-effectiveness.


Adcontact possesses many years of experience from designing in components and connectors in order to support our customers in their product development and also securing their quality demands. We deliver components for most type of applications.

We deliver components and connectors for a wide range of applications.We represent several world leading manufactures of components and connectors for the harness industry, i.e. Compagnie Deutsch, JST, Stocko, CviLux, Vogt, HTP, DSG-Canusa and more.

Production equipment

The business area, Production equipment, includes all kind of products for cable and harness production. Our product range covers handheld tools, small bench top machines, as well as fully automated crimping systems.

We deliver production equiment for almost every application concerning harness production. We have solutions from simple hand tools to fully automatic crimping machines.We represent world leading manufactures of production equipment such as Komax, Mecal, Cirris, Zoller & Frölich, Wiedenbach, WDT, Ulmer, Stocko, Vogt, Tekuwa och DSG-Canusa.

Quality insurance

We offer a wide range of tools and equipment for active and integrated quality insurance to your production process.

We deliver tools and equipment for quality insurance for almost every application concerning harness production.We represent world leading manufactures of quality insurance products such as Cirris, Cirris Solutions and MAV Prüftechnik.