CD76 Series High Density Machined contacts Straight DIP Solder Male D-sub

• Rated current and voltage : 3 Amp 250V AC (r.m.s.)
• Dielectric Withstanding Voltage : 1000V AC for one minute
• Contact Resistance : <20mΩ
• Insulation Resistance : >5000MΩ
• Operating Temperature : -40℃~105℃
• Can mate with standard D-Sub
• Machined contact with Straight DIP solder tails
• Metal shell and with solder tails
• Option riveted hex nuts or hard ware accessories available

Availability: Estimated delivery time 2-3 weeks


Additional Info

Additional Info

Circuits 15, 26, 44, 62 CIRCUTS
Plating Code 2= Gold Flash Plated over 50μ” Nickel 3= 15μ” Gold Plated over 50μ” Nickel 4= 30μ” Gold Plated over 50μ” Nickel 5= 50μ” Gold Plated over 50μ” Nickel Download GENERAL PLATING-2 PDF
Product Drawings Download CD7601S
Specification Download SPCD039
Location CCT-TVL0026

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